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NESDIS Lunchtime Seminars

The NESDIS community has grown substantially in terms of acquiring new technology, new methodology, capability and personnel. There are now people of varying discipline and levels of expertise. The operation of satellites is an integration of all these disciplines and persons. It is often desired to share the information one has learned as well as gather new information. A forum such as a lunchtime seminar would meet these interests. While we may have survived without them in the past perhaps, the atmosphere is now primed for information sharing in a more formal yet informal setting.

Lunchtime seminars (LTS) provide a valuable opportunity for voluntary exchange of technical and nontechnical ideas. The forums would highlight the work of NESDIS personnel and its contractors. They provide a venue for those that are seeking technical insight on a given subject and to further their technical outlook. For the presenter, it is an opportunity to share what they have learned, discovered, or even imagined. For the attendees, the seminars expand their knowledge and most of all generate creative approaches to problems. Attendees also provide feedback to the presenter.

The seminars are open to all NOAA employees and contractors. Special guests from the outside may be invited.  Seminars are held initially, every 1st Thursday of each month, in the event of a holiday falling on or very close to that day we will go to the next Thursday. The time frame will be from 12:00 noon to 12:45pm with 30 minutes for presentation and 15minutes for discussion/questions/answers. 

If you would like to contribute and speak at this seminars, please send an email to with your topic of discussion.

Click here for a schedule of presentations and speakers.

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