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Satellite Image of a storm forming.

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GOES Image Navigation and Registration (INR) Statistics

This site contains INR statistical data on the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES). GOES 13 and 15 are currently operational at 75 degrees west longitude and 135 degrees west longitude, respectively.

NOAA hopes that data on this site will be helpful for GOES data users. The INR information and data plots are generated by the NOAA EMOSS team:

If you have any questions regarding the data on this web site please contact one of our team members.

Latest week (Monday to Monday) INR statistical data for the operational GOES spacecraft can be obtained from the links below.


GOES - 13 Navigation and Registration Summary (PDF file)
GOES - 13 Weekly Residuals


GOES - 14 Navigation and Registration Summary (PDF file)
GOES - 14 Weekly Residuals


GOES - 15 Navigation and Registration Summary (PDF file)
GOES - 15 Weekly Residuals

INR Help Documents

* Explanation of the terminology that is used to display data on this web site.
* Information about INR compensations (IMC, MMC, SMC, SCC).

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